More of what you will see

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So here are a couple of pictures of my new work. So this is what you will see at the market if you come along. Excluding the extreemly poor photographs.

I Know I know

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It has been too long. I have been working hard though so you can’t get too upset.

But good news I am in a market this week.

Come along

Where: Newmarket Saleyards site

When: Sunday 20th February 11- 2pm

Silly season over.

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Hello all,

I know it has been simply ages since my last entry. Not to worry my dear readers all three of you I am sure were able to have a fab time over Christmas without my rants.

I have started work again and plan on doing a fairly decent amount over the next few weeks before school returns. I may even get a chance to get to a market in the next couple of months. I know I said I would do one before Christmas but I was far too disorganized.

So the first think I have done since I got back was to make the above set of earrings. There was a relatively indecent amount of drinking done by my family and the below are the left overs from a Johnnie Walker tin. They look quite sweet I think and I plan on having a play with this design in the future.

I also have come into a selection of the most beautiful little opals thank you to Mark and I have already worked on a stud earring design which I will continue on with over the next few days. So lots to do so little time to do it.



Aloha from the wettest place on earth.

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So today has been a very productive day. I worked on several new things while my dogs moaned and groaned to be allowed in to my studio and out of the rain.

A lesson

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So thanks to a bunch of horses I had another day off today. I of course put it to very good use. I put stones in two of the rings I made yesterday. Images below. I also bought my first diamonds at auction today. I know I am getting high end. I will show pictures later. I think perhaps the images taken today are treatment to why professional jewellers use good cameras rather than the in built ones on their phones. Let there be a lesson in that for all of us.

Three rings

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So today I was feeling entirely uninspired. I visited a friend and together we went on a mission. We looked at a local gift/handmade shop. I am not happy with the styling of a lot of hand made stuff at the moment. So much of it is machine cut and so unwilling to show any form of human influence. 
It seems that I was antiinfluenced. I came home and got on to making some rings which are unashamedly hand wrought. I finished 3 today. Though I am considering working on adding in some stones on one

And some more.

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So these are a couple of bits and pieces I completed yesterday.

Apologies for the poor photographs , I had hoped they would come out better. But Meh it is about the work anyway. The top one was particularly difficult to photograph being that I have been toying with blackening the silver with acid. It forms a beautifully flat black surface. I feel a need to start dipping everything and making mourning jewelry from here on in.

And now here is the interesting conundrum which I find myself pondering prior to any market. How to sell my neck wear. It of course is very easy when I make the chains. But when it comes to works like the above and my lens pendants I have no idea.

I have a couple of choices, Tiger tail is relatively inexpensive and looks nice enough, in the past I have used it then tizzed it up by putting in my own hand made clasps.


I could use silver cable which is nicer than tiger tail in looks and it feels worthy of putting a hand-made clasp on. It does unfortunately bend and go out of shape easily unless it has a heavy(ish) pendant swinging off it.


I could buy chain and extra expense which would up the cost of the object and really that opens up sooooo many choices. I simply can’t give enough options.

Or do I sell the pendants alone, which seems easiest. I may possibly, however,  loose buyers as the pieces are not ready to wear.

HM I shall have to keep worrying my head about it.


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